Medium Long Term Loan

Product Name    

Medium Long Term Loan

Product Description

Medium and long-term loans are provided to meet customer needs in investment activities, in the terms of building a company's business, technical renewal, new product production activities, purchase of premises, construction engineering, purchase of technology and installation equipment, investment activities and others.

Product Characteristic

  1. In general, large loan amount;
  2. Longer term (more than 12 months), generally for medium and long-term loans where payments are made in installments.
  3. In this type of secured loan, apart from the condition for providing the necessary collateral, another general requirement is to assign new fixed assets as collateral as additional collateral

Target Customer

The borrower must be a legal entity registered in accordance with Indonesian law. This requirement applies to all types of businesses. The terms and conditions for bank financing will be determined based on the financial condition, business condition and borrower’s industry outlook.

Application Requirements

Customer must attach the following information:

  1. Financing purpose
  2. Information and profiles of companies and business groups
  3. Information regarding the company’s operations and business development plans
  4. Audited financial reports for the last 3 years, financial statement and cash flow projections.
  5. Other relevant information