USD Time Deposit Promo “Makin Cuan”

Terms and Conditions:

1. The minimal placement for USD Time Deposit is: USD 5,000 for personal customer and USD 10,000 for corporate customer.

2. The tenor to choose for USD Time Deposit is between 6 months and 12 months.

3. Customer can combine the fund (fresh fund + previously already placed fund in the saving account or current account).

4. If customer wants to combine the fund, then the fresh fund must be at least 50% of the total Time Deposit placement amount.

5. No Early Break Penalty, but if customer break the Time Deposit before the maturity date then all the interest during the chosen tenor shall not be paid to the customer.

6. This promotion is valid from 1 March 2022 to 29 April 2022.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Jakarta Branch is registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority and is a member of the LPS guarantee