Personal Deposit Pledged Loan

Description Product

Personal Deposit Pledged Loan is kind of multi- purpose loan acquired from Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Jakarta Branch (“Bank”) for personal customers use customer’s time deposit as collateral.


Customer could utilize loan facility to enjoy greater financial flexibility.


Before submit “personal deposit pledged loan”, Bank has give understanding to customers about “personal deposit pledged loan”, one of them about possible risks that may appear from “personal deposit pledged loan” including credit risk, operational risk, compliance risk, reputation risk, and legal risk.


  • Provision fee            : 1% from loan amount
  • Admin fee                : 0.1% from loan amount
  • Early Payment fee    : 5% from loan amount

For partial early payment, it can be done with minimum 5 times installments and can be done once in a year.

How to calculate Provision Fee and Admin Fee

How to calculate provision fee and admin fee on personal deposit pledged loan that has been approved by the Bank.


Customer submit personal deposit pledged loan with loan amount IDR 200 million with 1% provision fee and 0.1% admin fee.

So, calculations For Provision fee and admin fee are:

  • Provision fee      : 1% x IDR 200 million = IDR 2 million
  • Admin fee           : 0.1% x IDR 200 million = IDR 200 thousand

So, after reduced with provision fee and admin fee, the Bank will disburse loan to customer account at the Bank with amount IDR 197,800,000.

Product Characteristics

  • Loan amount start from IDR 200 million until IDR 5 Billion
  • Fix Loan (tenure: 1 – 12 months)
    The loan principal will be paid at the maturity date and interest is payable monthly.
  • Term Loan (tenure: 12 – 36 months)
    The loan principal and interest are paid monthly at the same amount agreed on the agreement.
  • Collateral Currency: IDR, USD, or CNY
  • Currency Loan: IDR
  • Loan Ratio to Collateral (LTV) up to 90% for IDR currency and 85% for USD or CNY currency.
  • Loan interest rate

Collateral Currency

Loan interest rate


TD Pledged Rate + 1,5%


JIBOR (1, 3, 6 or 12 month) + 1,5%

Target Customer

  • Personal Customer (Indonesian citizen).
  • Age: Minimum 21 years old at the beginning of the tenure and maximal 60 years old when the tenure ends with 1-month tolerance.
  • Type of Customer Occupation: Professional or Entrepreneur.

1. Professional is occupation type that has fixed income (salary income).

2. Entrepreneur is occupation type that has business in form individual business as well as business entities/legal entities.

Application Requirements

Customer must provide documents as following:

Personal Documents

  1. Debtor's valid ID Card Copy
  2. Debtor's Spouse ID Card Copy (if married)
  3. Copy of NPWP
  4. Copy of Family Card
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate

For customers who have occupation as professional, then customers must complete document at a minimum, namely:

  1. Copy of Main Bank statement of the past 3 months.
  2. Copy of Debtor’s pay-slip of the past 3 months.

For customers who have occupation as entrepreneur, then customers must complete document form business individual as well as business entities/legal entities at a minimum, namely:

  1. Copy of Business Registration Number (NIB)
  2. Copy of deed of establishment company and the latest general meeting of shareholders (if any)
  3. Copy of main bank statement of the past 6 months

Collateral Document: Original certificate time deposit or time deposit advice on behalf customer name.


Submission Process

  1. The customer applies the facility and provides the data / information mentioned above.
  2. Bank will analyze data / information are submitted by the debtor.
  3. If loan application has approved by the Bank, then customers will sign documents, among others, namely Agreement Facility of Personal Deposit Pledged Loan, Pledge Agreement of Time Deposits, etc.
  4. After the entire loan process completed, the Bank will disbursed loan to account customers at the Bank.

For more information, please contact office branch nearest Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Jakarta Branch or Bank Call Center (021-5209988).